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My passion is to help horticultural enterprises develop business and improve profitability. If you want to grow your sales, improve profits, or change direction then the chances are I should be able to assist.

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I work collaboratively with my clients, guiding and helping them through the challenges of operating a horticultural business. Typically I use a variety of ‘tools’ to help my clients achieve their goals.

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I work with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and larger organisations throughout the UK, Ireland, Poland, Czech Republic and China.

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Several years ago I volunteered with Eighth in the East, a lottery funded project whose remit was to archive the activities of the US 8th Airforce in East Anglia during the Second World War.

Since then I have seen the value in creating historical archives, and so now, after 40 years in the horticultural sector I am going to create my own archive.

Called HortLegacy, I aim to create an online archive that records the history of plant nurseries that now no longer exist. Hopefully this will include nursery catalogues, images, audio recollections and amusing and interesting stories.

Whilst I am not yet ready to go live with the website I have started to collect old nursery catalogs and images starting with some wonderful archive material given to me by Mike Clift, one time nursery manager at Waterers Nurseries, Bagshot, Surrey. If you have any nursery catalogues, particularly of those that no longer exist then I would love to hear from you. In the meantime you can follow my progress on social media but please be patient as I am planning to work on HortLegacy when I retire – which is still on the distant horizon!

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Neville Stein

Neville Stein

Horticultural Business Consultant

Neville Stein Consulting founder Neville Stein is a Horticultural business expert with over 20 years experience, a keynote speaker, a best-selling author, a trusted advisor to dozens of brands, an active investor in Horticultural startups, and a member of numerous industry boards.


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